Physical activity in schools across Europe

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Physical activity in schools across Europe

E. Weichselbaum, B. Hopper, R.Ballam, J. Butriss, F. Strigler, H. Oberritter, T. Bagus, M. Cullen, N. Palacios, T. Valero, E. Ruiz, S. del Pozo, J.M Ávila and G. Varela-Moreiras.

Childhood and adolescence is a period of rapid growth and development. Both are influenced by nutrition and physical activity, which therefore play a particularly important role during this phase of life. It is important that young people have an understanding of nutrition in relation to physical activity, good health and improved quality of life, and that good habits are embedded. This is particularly critical in light of the trends in childhood obesity across Europe. The Network of the European Nutrition Foundations discussed the topic physical activity in schools at their meeting on 17 October 2011, which was held in Dublin, Ireland. The discussions revealed that physical activity is part of the school curriculum in most European countries, although approaches differ between countries. This article outlines the nature of physical activity in schools in France, Germany, Ireland, Spain and the UK. It touches on the role of physical activity in the various curricula, as well as the extent of physical activity outside the curriculum.






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