Nutrigenomics - Opportunities in Asia

  • Autor: E. Shyong Tai, Peter j. Gillies
  • Editorial: KARGER
Nutrigenomics - Opportunities in Asia
Exploring ways to identify individual nutrient requirements Nutrigenomics seeks to understand the variability of the individual’s response to food and the underlying mechanisms whereby foods exert their health-promoting activities. With a deeper molecular understanding of nutrition, we may some day be able to design diets that truly maximize an individual’s potential for health and wellness. Many Asian societies are currently experiencing a transition in diet-related morbidity and mortality. The identification and provision of an optimal diet relevant to all the people living in Asia is an extraordinary challenge as there exists a tremendous diversity in diet, dietary intake patterns, local culture, and nutritional needs. This volume explores the role of ethnic diversity, dietary patterns and genetic adaptation in determining individual nutrient requirements throughout the life-cycle. Conceptualized as an introductory publication providing a general overview as well as specific examples of the applications of concepts and methods, this publication will help scientists, medical, nutrition and other health professionals to learn more about the field of nutrigenomics.


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